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Bufalo Estelar
Meet The Artisans

Bufalo Estelar

After ten years as a designer in fashion, Isabel Gómez Ramos decided to launch her jewelry brand Bufalo Estelar, to create stellar pieces made of .925 silver or 10k gold, and precious stones molded by expert Mexican hands in Guadalajara.

With a simple yet sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing design, Bufalo Estelar’s jewelry is made to be worn everyday. Charged with intention and powerful precious stones, each creation holds a message from Isabel’s heart.

Bufalo Estelar is inspired by nature, ethnic groups, alchemy, and spirituality. Each piece has a sacred meaning behind it, such as the image of hands, celebrating creativity through what our hands are capable of doing; or the image of eagles, a natural apotheosis inspired by Native American iconography.

Every piece is handmade by master artisans from Guadalajara, Mexico, while all precious stones are personally sourced by the designer. A gender-free jewelry line able to fit all, easy to adapt, and easy to love, Bufalo Estelar’s pieces are charged with functional energy for every taste and will stand the test of time to be handed down through generations.