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Buril Bags
Meet The Artisans

Buril Bags

After hearing the phrase “life is full of promise for people who work in what they like” from famous Spanish fashion designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada while participating in a creative meeting during her internship, Laura Madriñan was inspired to start her own brand. Born in 2016 from a desire for exceptional design, a minimalist trend and love for local products, Buril encompasses the essence of a proud Colombian brand.

Buril creates timeless pieces that blend high-quality materials with artisan craft, and give women a feeling of uniqueness, comfort, and every-day ease. With women as inspiration, Buril’s design emulates the spirit of the confident, independent, and powerful woman.

Buril’s universe celebrates the modern woman and offers an array of bags, purses, shoes, and other accessories to meet her infinite needs and distinctive passions. Between the high quality of materials and the versatile, classical, and comfortable details, all intentionally designed, Buril has something for every woman.

Buril is a brand that draws its inspiration from creative, passionate, and brave women, whilst, at the same time, showcasing the honest labor and the exceptional talent in leather work of a Colombian family of artisans that every day strive for their betterment and progression.