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By Hand Mexico
Meet The Artisans

By Hand Mexico

A lover of all things Mexican and passionate about helping artisan communities, Alexa Topete used her experience in PR and Communications to launch her brand By Hand Mexico, creating beautiful textile products such as bags, tableware and cushions, all handwoven and embroidered by Mexican master artisans

Driven by a desire to put her talents and knowledge at the service of others, Alexa is committed to enhance textile crafts, preserve traditions, and share her great appreciation for Mexican art worldwide.

By Hand Mexico works to establish close relationships between designers, makers and consumers, to generate value for all, improve the work and living conditions of the artisans, and ultimately build a better world.

It is this win-win philosophy that pushed Alexa to research the best artisans around Mexico to produce high-quality, traditional products with a modern spin, that help artisans by pushing their creative and technical boundaries, while making customers happy because they can rest assured they are purchasing an absolutely unique item, fruit of the artisans’ dedication to their work.

By Hand Mexico exists thanks to the unconditional support and perseverance of the artisans and its success is ultimately measured by the development, growth and commitment of each person who makes up this great family.