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Meet The Artisans



Siblings Daniela & Gerardo founded their brand Carlota to honor their ancestor Carlota Camacho Hall, a famous painter of the 1800s. A quintessential Mexican brand specializing in the production of leather handbags, Carlota celebrates Mexico’s beauty through artistic reinterpretations of traditional folkloric motifs. Each design is inspired by a specific element of Mexican culture and each piece is handmade by local artisans from the state of Jalisco in exclusive limited editions.

Daniela & Gerardo were inspired by the story of their ancestor Carlota Camacho Hall, a strong and generous woman who showed her talent as one of the most acknowledged Mexican painters of her time. Her oil paintings, displayed in the regional museums of the Comarca Lagunera, showed her deep love for Mexico, which she shared with the love of her life, English engineer Henry Herbert Crabtree.

Today, Carlota is a family affair set in a long-standing history of leather crafting, and founders Daniela and Gerardo are proud to collaborate with the best leather smiths in the country to develop products made with love, in recognition of Mexico’s traditions.