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Carol Schoch
Meet The Artisans

Carol Schoch

Several years ago, Carol Schoch chose a new life for herself. Transitioning from a career as an accomplished economist to a designer promoting local Mexican craftsmanship. She began her quest in finding her inner creative voice, and developed her own educational and creative journey studying plant fibers and textiles, ancestral production techniques, tailoring, and various embroidery processes that are passed on from generation to generation. Carol traveled throughout Mexico and met the artisans at their homes in remote villages, learning about the intricacies of this craft.

Today, she designs bright and beautiful textiles, blankets, throws and textured pillows, using high-quality, naturally dyed wool (fabrics) and combining traditional techniques with contemporary aesthetics, paying tribute to the generations of artisanal knowledge. She has formed close connections with the local artisans she works with, often invited into their homes to hear the stories of generations past, and the beliefs, mythical symbols and iconography behind them. Her exquisite designs breathe new life into Mexican folk art while at the same time creates economic opportunity for the craftswomen she collaborates with. As an economist, Carol has also devoted her time to teach these women how to price their work, taking into consideration raw materials, time and scarcity and educate them about the economic value they create.