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Meet The Artisans


Colombian Industrial engineer Paula Soto had been passionate about handmade crafts since childhood, and when she started dating her future husband José during the last few months of University, she taught him how to knit and got him involved in her dream of setting up a business.

Casatrama was born in 2016 as a small textile workshop from the love of Paula and José, for each other of course, but also for their roots and crafts, paired with the willingness to marry classy design with sustainability and respect for Mother Earth.

Using traditional techniques such as macramé knotting, crocheting, double-needle knitting, and horizontal loom, and recycled textile fibers from the textile industry (both natural like Santander’s endemic fique and synthetic like lycra), Casatrama develops beautiful objects of interior decor such as stools, low tables, magazine holders, and lamps. 

Founded on the three pillars of craftsmanship, design, and sustainability, Casatrama’s products take hours, days, or even weeks to make and during this slow production process, they are enriched with the hopes and dreams, stories, emotions, patience, craftsmanship, and cultural heritage of the master artisans that make them.