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Casilda Mut
Meet The Artisans

Casilda Mut

Founded by Chiapan fashion designer Claire Coello in 2010, Casilda Mut is a Mexican fashion brand promoting the creative and social development of artisan women from the Highlands of Chiapas, through the production of original garments reinterpreting traditional Chiapan fashion.

Mut means bird in Tzotzil, the local language, and symbolizes the brand’s goal to create a bond between Mexican indigenous artisans and women who seek design, quality, and meaning in their clothing.

The project began in 2010, by experimenting around the application of handicrafts in fashion design, with the aim of making fashion a means to generate a positive impact on indigenous communities in the highlands of Chiapas and highlight the wonder of their craftsmanship.

Today, Casilda Mut works regurlarly with 70 women artisans from 7 different communities in Los Altos de Chiapas, supporting their professional and personal development, fostering respect and appreciation for traditional crafts, and constantly seeking new opportunities to improve their makers’ living conditions and income levels.