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Meet The Artisans


Mexican designer Daniel Cauno had one clear mission when he founded his brand Caunoh: help people complement their natural beauty and allow them to shine everywhere everyday, with exquisitely designed pieces of ornamental jewelry.

Using only the highest quality sterling silver, Daniel designs, prototypes and makes all his pieces by hand in his workshop in Veracruz, Mexico, occasionally helped by master artisans who specialize in silversmithing.

After his studies in fashion design and marketing, 26-year old Daniel found that fashion didn’t quite cut it for him. He decided to specialize in jewelry design because of the infinite creative possibilities jewelry affords, and in order to fulfil his mission of creating and enhancing beauty for people.

In his creative work Daniel gets inspiration from a whole host of mixed references, spanning the natural world, arts, architecture, literature, and his own personal experiences, that together tell a rich story through Caunoh’s masterfully-produced collections. Playing around with the rules of design, Daniel uses minimalist lines and geometric references and turns them into fun and elegant jewelry pieces that will make you shine.