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Meet The Artisans


In the words of Fernanda Millán, the creator of Mexico City based jewelry brand Cefeida, “true luxury is handmade”. Fernanda’s first collection was born from a love of drawing with her husband in travel notebooks.

Rough sketches of fashion, art and architecture soon transformed into timeless, sculptural and geometric pieces that reflect strong Mexican heritage. Each item is lovingly created using high quality materials and processes such as silver, gold plating and inlays of precious stones.

The philosophy behind the brand hails from the concept of the Cepheid variable. A type of star, the Cepheid pulses rapidly through the galaxy, varying in temperature, diameter and brightness according to its lifecycle. Cepheids are essential for establishing galactic and extragalactic distance scales and are four to twenty times the size of the sun.

This concept of light, energy and speed is one that Fernanda wants her wearer to feel when dressed in one of her pieces. Using excellent craftsmanship and innovative design, Cefeida promotes the idea of sophistication through unique and statement pieces made in collaboration with talented Mexican artisans.