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Cerámica San Germán
Meet The Artisans

Cerámica San Germán

A family business with proud Jaliscan roots, Cerámica San Germán was founded in 1983 by Jaime and Julieta Bravo, who followed in the footsteps of generations of master potters who developed the characteristic Tonalá style of pottery, featuring blue and earthy tones and animal illustrations.

Today, Julieta and Jaime are joined by their children and their spouses, as well as by their grandchildren, who have moved the workshop closer to Mexico City and incorporated elements of modern design, bringing the business firmly into the 21st century.

The family works with a type of ceramic that burns at more than 1300ºC, which makes it very resistant and gives it its characteristic glossy finish. The coloring and enamel used are 100% lead-free, making all their products safe to use with food and suitable for microwaves and dishwashers.

Each piece coming out of a Cerámica San Germán kiln is a unique piece of art: from preparing the clay paste, to mixing the color pigments, to finishing the pieces with enamel, every item goes through a fully manual, painstakingly precise manufacturing process, resulting in gorgeous pieces filled with centuries of history and a little piece of each maker’s heart and soul.