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Chechen Wood Design
Meet The Artisans

Chechen Wood Design


Coming from a long line of carpenters, siblings Maria and Santiago were looking for a way to use offcuts from a furniture workshop they were working with. Chechén Wood Design was born to give these wood offcuts a sustainable new life.

Adamant the brand should reflect Mexico’s rich history and culture, Maria and her brother named it after the Chechén tree, considered sacred in Mayan culture. The logo is also inspired by the legend of Chechén and Chacá, two brothers who fight to win the love of Princess Nicté Ha, representing the duality of good and evil, and their balance on earth.

Since 2015, Chechén has been meeting customer’s expectations of quality, design, and function, while seeking sustainability through the responsible consumption of wood. Working with master carpenters from Guadalajara, Mexico, and using nine different kinds of wood, Chechén manufactures high-quality accessories that combine Mexican artisanal techniques and materials with modern design, creating beautiful kitchenware and décor to accompany the spaces we inhabit.