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Chin Chan Pu Ceramica
Meet The Artisans

Chin Chan Pu Ceramica

Mexican sculptress Eva Trujillo approached ceramics as part of her sculpture training, but after her studies, she realized she was more interested in exploring ceramics from the standpoint of pottery. Keen to be her own boss, she immersed herself in the world of ceramics and founded her brand Chin Chan Pu Ceramica.

Named after the Spanish version of the children’s game “rock, paper, scissors”, Eva’s brand is a joyful representation of the infinite creative possibilities ceramics afford and an embodiment of her never ending passion for making things with your hands.

Her pieces are inspired by her surroundings and her love of nature in all its patterns and forms, especially the lesser loved plants such as weeds, which she delicately draws by hand on her pieces to redeem them in her customers’ eyes.

Working mindfully and passionately, Eva makes kitchenware items such as bowls, plates, cups, and glasses in the shapes of vegetables and plants, to help you enjoy your soups, salads, hot and cold drinks in a playful, joyful manner.