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Meet The Artisans


Chuytikab, which in Mayan means ‘hand embroidery’, is a Mexican collective of women artisans from Yucatán founded in 2010 with the Legorreta Hernández Foundation, who helped the women to establish themselves as a company.

Using the finest materials such as Italian linen and the most meticulous embroidery techniques, the women of Chuytikab, who are fluent Mayan speakers of all ages, work together in a joyful communion of intents to design and create beautiful textile products like tablecloths, table mats, cushions, bags, and blouses, weaving together the past and the present while respecting and preserving their ancestral traditions.

Today Chuytikab collaborates with the Legorreta Hernandez Foundation, which helps them with dedicated training to continuously improve their business practices, in order to improve the economic well-being of the women and their families.

Each piece is made 100% by hand with a mindful process that goes from the selection of materials, through meticulous design and embroidery, to the strictest quality control. Every single one of Chuytikab’s products has a piece of its maker’s soul in it, and will directly contribute to the improvement and the empowerment of the women who made it.