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Meet The Artisans


After working in one of the largest fashion retailers in Latin America, the four founders of Cíclico realized the damage this industry causes to the environment and decided to create a project to bring sustainable products of excellent design and quality to the wider public.

With Cíclico, Santiago, Eduardo, Sergio and Miguel, friends from high school, use PET from recycled plastic bottles and cotton scraps from garment factories to produce fine artisanal products in Medellín, Colombia, such as aprons, throws, hammocks and t-shirts.

Cíclico’s objective is to lead a new wave of impactful companies with social responsibility and fair practices at their core over all of Latin America. Their dream is to provide sustainable consumption and set up the first sustainable retail store in Latin America.

They collaborate with women artisans who are also mothers to make their products and are pioneers of environmental conservation with their choice of materials and production practices. By creating a channel between people, recycled materials, and weaving, they pave the way for design to positively impact society.