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Claudia Trejos
Meet The Artisans

Claudia Trejos

Jewelry designer Claudia Trejos founded her brand in 2002 as a result of her studies and questions beyond the frontiers of design. Following her belief that every woman is unique, Claudia creates harmonious pieces of jewelry that express art, femininity, and individuality.

For more than 12 years, Claudia has been propelled by the feeling that working out of passion, with a clear vision and a lot of dedication, will help you achieve great results. Through co-creation and alliances with other designers, Claudia was able to learn, grow and promote her brand and jewelry creations.

Working with gemstones and precious metals, such as 18k solid gold and silver, Claudia is able to create unique pieces for each of her clients. Art is infinite, and the combinations that talented hands of artisans are able to produce are endless.

Claudia designs through a meticulous process of self-development by always pushing her limits and continuing to learn along the way. Recognizing the work of other great artists and mastering new techniques has been key to all of her pieces. The creative workshop is always in evolution and continuous ferment for the future, a reflection of the spirit and mind of its designer.