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Meet The Artisans


Originally from Aguascalientes, Mexico, fashion designer Michelle Herrera had the chance to follow her heart to the south of France, where she lived with her partner for a few months earning the nickname “La Mexicaine”.

There, consumed by the longing for her roots, her home country, family, and culture, Michelle took advantage of the time she had in the small village where she lived and learned French to let her creativity roam free. Coba Taller was born out of this very introspective time, when Michelle had a chance to really ask herself who she wanted to be, what she wanted to do, and, most importantly, where.

Back in Mexico, she settled in Guadalajara and worked for three years on designing her brand identity and her pieces, and on finding the best talent in silversmithing and jewelry making. Her first collection launched in 2019 and was inspired by her Mexican roots, featuring uniquely designed and crafted jewelry in .925 silver with 24k gold plating.

Coba, a Spanish word that means offering/rewarding, embodies the very soul of the brand and of Michelle’s work: to provide feelings of self-love, show affection, appreciation, and love through mindfully designed jewelry enriched by inspirational phrases engraved on every piece.