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Contorno Diseño Solido
Meet The Artisans

Contorno Diseño Solido


Brothers Carlos and Juan Pablo started their brand Contorno Diseño Solido with the aim of designing and creating special objects of interior decoration and small furniture, using exclusively natural materials and traditional techniques. 


Based in Guadalajara, Mexico, Carlos and Juan Pablo are constantly inspired by their respect and admiration for the raw materials they use, such as volcanic stone, San Andrés stone, solid parota wood, and marble. 


Working hand in hand with interior designers and architects, they have been designing, prototyping, and experimenting with the characteristics of each material, gaining unparalleled experience in all aspects of furniture making, from design to marketing, and showcasing their work in Mexican design and furniture fairs.


In their high-end, functional but sleek, and elegant designs, they celebrate the varied nature of each material, honoring each grain of the wood, the porosity of the stone enclosure, the color changes of the marble, and the textures of the quarries. In the production processes, they respect and recognize that each grain, crack or texture of the material is a part of its history and growth, making each of their pieces absolutely unique.