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Meet The Artisans



José and Mariana are the incredible couple behind Coolpebbles, a brand founded in 2015 with the mission of making everyone appreciate daily habits and find happiness in life’s little moments.


Just out of Design University, José and Mariana had one goal in mind: to design beautiful objects for the home, to inspire people to live in the present, and build a more conscious universe while still supporting local realities. By collaborating with different Mexican artisans who excel in their crafts, Coolpebbles is able to create varied accessories utilizing all the magnificent materials that Mexico has to offer.


Coolpebbles gives us the tools to start living the little moments, such as stopping to enjoy the first coffee of the day with a perfect volcanic stone mug or savoring the feeling we get when lighting a candle in a stunning anodized aluminum holder. Finding inspiration in everyday life and creating accessories that can beautify the home, transforming it into a refuge for the soul, Coolpebbles invites us to pause and stop living life on autopilot.