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Criollo Studio
Meet The Artisans

Criollo Studio

Founded in 2018 by Renata Álvarez and Roxana Rentería, both industrial designers, Criollo Studio combines the partners’ joy for mixing cultures and craftsmanship. Named after the Spanish word that symbolizes something indigenous to a Latin American country, Criollo Studio works with artisans from the four corners of Mexico to craft beautiful homeware pieces.

Their intention is to celebrate the heritage of Mexican art through innovation in design and the use of natural materials. Thanks to the talent of dedicated artisans, Criollo Studio creates exquisite homeware products such as cushions, plant pots, and wooden stools.

Their goal has always been to make known the hands behind each piece, telling the stories of the artisans who deliver all their passion and talent into an object, their knowledge being the strongest inspiration behind the brand.

Criollo Studio collaborates with artisans from several Mexican states, including Jalisco, Michoacán, and Oaxaca, working with more than ten different techniques and materials such as volcanic stone, quarry stone, marble, pedal loom, ceramics, basketry, lathe, and brass.