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Crudo Caan
Meet The Artisans

Crudo Caan

María Gonzalez is the founder and designer of Crudo Caan from Caan Estudio. She created the project out of her love for design, photography, and Mexico. When she realized she wasn't feeling fulfilled by her economics and marketing studies, she found what was missing in her life through her ceramics and crafts.

Crudo Caan is an artisanal jewelry studio based in Mexico City. The studio mainly works with clay and different ancestral techniques of Mexican culture. Everything created in the studio is designed, crafted, and assembled carefully by hand.

Crudo Caan seeks to connect their deep ancestral Mexican roots to a global community in constant search for timeless creations, through handmade and ethically crafted ceramics and natural fiber pieces. Behind the creation of each piece, there is a natural rhythm–a simple minimalistic design and admiration of Mexican prehispanic civilizations.