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Cuata Jewelry
Meet The Artisans

Cuata Jewelry

Started in 2015 by twins Elena and Isabel, CUATA means female twin and is derived from the word coatl, in turn coming from Quetzalcoatl, the God of Duality, yin and yang of the Aztecs. Given the specific meaning of the word and the fact that Elena and Isabel are twins with complementary personalities, it seemed a perfect name for the brand.

Both with creative backgrounds, the CUATA twins also complement each other in their artistic talents. For the last thirty years, Elena has worked in jewelry and industrial design, whilst Isabel has designed lamps and chandeliers.

The idea for CUATA as a joint jewelry brand came about when Elena found herself assisting her sister on a project that incorporated copper and brass, as these were materials she often used in jewelry making. This then led to an organic collaboration and thus the yin and yang philosophy of CUATA was born.

Using brass, copper, silver, and gold-plating, twins Elena & Isabel design timeless pieces of jewelry for the modern woman who is not afraid to look her best. Some of their designs also incorporate deer antlers purchased from poverty-stricken communities in the state of Sonora, northern Mexico, where cowboys collect naturally-shed antlers to sustain their income. A laborious and complex process, CUATA’s jewelry is a true example of partnership, precision, and artisanal talent.