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Meet The Artisans


Fernanda and her husband became interested in the art of mandalas when Fernanda studied with a mandala master in North Carolina. After they exhibited their pieces in Spain, they became successful enough in Mexico to quit their day jobs and dedicate themselves to their brand Cuicari.

Their mandalas are made with Wixárika and Tibetan yarn, mixing ancestral techniques with a daring proposal in colors and materials, that renews old traditions and makes them the ideal complement to any space.

Cuicari means "sing to heal" in the Huichol language and each piece is handcrafted mindfully by the artisans in an almost meditative practice with emotional intention and focus, to inspire different states of positive awareness in the viewer and bring us closer to a more inquisitive, connected, and aware version of ourselves.

Today, the couple works with Angel, Javi, Otilio & Francisca, local artisans from the Huichol community who have learned the mandala technique with Fernanda and her husband. Thanks to their work with Cuicari, the artisans are learning English and becoming leaders in their community, bringing new opportunities for income generation and improving their quality of life.