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Meet The Artisans


Left with a stock of silk from her multi-generational family textile business, it was only natural for Maria Villalpando to create something of her own. Born as a spinoff of the business, her brand Cushy creates elegant, minimalist, modular cushions made out of natural fibers such as handwoven silk.

Passionate about all things textile, Maria chose silk for its singular allure and sense of nobility. Beautiful and versatile, nothing can top the tale of silk’s remarkable, empire-spanning journey. In choosing it for its modular cushions and daybed, Cushy set out on a mission to revive and honor the history of silk and make it a part of our contemporary environments.

Today, Maria collaborates with artisans, brands, and artists to produce unique pieces that shine for their quality and versatility, incorporating old craftsmanship with modern design and aesthetics, creating functional yet arty home decor items, to encourage a sense of playful harmony through simplicity and beauty.