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Meet The Artisans


Since childhood, Daniela Chiñas has always loved doing things with her hands. She lived surrounded by architecture and art, in places where traditions and cultural heritage are expressed through the textiles made by the local population. Her grandma was a major influence on her, always willing to share her best embroidery and knitting techniques, which increased Daniela’s passion for textiles and crafts.

After a Bachelor in Textile Design, Daniela mustered up the courage to turn this passion into something tangible and created her brand Daach in Oaxaca, in order to explore different textile techniques and materials. In her workshop, she creates a wide range of work, from sculptural installations to ornamental and utilitarian objects, such as wall hangings, bags, clothing and more.

Daniela works closely with local Mexican artisans, employing various fabrics and textures which she turns into beautiful works of art using mainly the macramé technique. A fan of slow design, Daniela and her artisans weave every single product entirely by hand, which makes all her pieces unique.

Through her work, she is constantly seeking innovation in the design and artisanal process, all the while respecting ancestral traditions and ensuring top quality with the use of natural materials, be them textile, palm, or ceramics.