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Del Portillo
Meet The Artisans

Del Portillo


Del Portillo was founded by Bogotà designer Jose David Del Portillo in 2014, inspired by the belief that the value of tradition lies in the preservation of work done by human hands. This began a creative journey that today makes up a broad portfolio of design pieces built from the understanding of the resources of the environment, geometry, and above all with the purpose of creating design objects filled with tradition.

Del Portillo has been exhibiting around the world, highlighting a variety of pieces made mostly of wood, which mix technical, exploratory, and artisanal processes, giving their designs a unique aesthetic. Del Portillo’s pieces are built from the understanding of man's relationship with the space he inhabits and shares, finding the opportunity to give a new meaning to the objects that represent it. In the process, carpenters, upholsterers, decorators, and weavers, join to create unique objects. The aim is to highlight what is natural, traditional, functional, and aesthetic through the working hands of expert artisans.

Del Portillo contributes to economic development and is committed to its responsibilities toward the environment and the community. For this reason, all woods, including teak, coffee walnut, and morado flower oak, emblematic of Del Portillo Design due to their aesthetic and functional characteristics, have forestry certification and eco-labeling.