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Design Amour
Meet The Artisans

Design Amour


Bound by a love for Colombian aesthetics and home design, friends Denise Akerman & Margarita Gomez started Design Amour in 2009, to bring a bit of their tropical lifestyle to the rest of the world.

Convinced the world would be a better place if the spaces we inhabit were more inspiring, the two created a line of home decor pieces that enrich, inspire, and bring that little bit of love that makes a place come alive and shine.

Their brand Design Amour combines Denise’s experience as an architect and interior designer with Margaret’s expertise in economy and administration. Working with master artisans from around Colombia, they combine the artisans’ ancestral techniques with their own contemporary design aesthetics.

The result is a series of special objects that add a touch of style to your home space, all inspired by the aesthetics of their region and their Colombian roots at large. Design Amour creates statement pieces that elevate your space to achieve that unconventional, sophisticated, and timeless tropical style.