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Meet The Artisans


The story of Duna is the story of a chance encounter between industrial designer Mariana García & fashion designer Micaela Galvez, which developed into a beautiful friendship first, and a creative partnership later.

Named after the sensuous and ever-evolving sand dunes of the desert, Duna is a Mexican brand producing high-quality, comfortable, and versatile robes made of organic textiles hand-dyed using exclusively natural pigments.

When they first began thinking about creating their own product, Mariana & Micaela were inspired by the large amount of time people had to spend at home during 2020. They wanted to make something beautiful, comforting, and classy that could be used as a robe to pamper yourself at home as much as a bikini cover on hot summer days on the beach.

Helped by their Oaxacan artisans Eugenia and Teresa who dye the fabrics, Micaela and Mariana craft each robe with a slow, mindful approach to design that keeps human and planet consciousness in mind.

Their robes are unisex and timeless and the fabric is dyed using a very special process with natural pigments, that can vary according to the season and the weather, making each robe absolutely unique.