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Duplo Design
Meet The Artisans

Duplo Design

Sisters Marcela & Tania Medina firmly believe that the fusion between artisan and designer is essential to preserve artisanal traditions while adapting them to today's world.

They created their brand Duplo Design to develop homeware products that show appreciation and respect for various Mexican artisanal techniques. From volcanic stone to wood, from cotton to wool, the sisters work in collaboration with master artisans to bring you modern reinterpretations of timeless classics such as molcajetes and mezcaleros.

Tania & Marcela have a particular passion for their hometown of Guadalajara and its varied crafts. They started working volcanic stone with a craftsman family an hour away from the city, who personally extracts the raw materials from a mine nearby before working them in their workshop. The sisters then decided to expand into textiles with one of the biggest representatives of pedal loom in Tonalá, Jalisco, with whom they developed a new collection of placemats woven by hand in wool and cotton.

Marcela and Tania work tirelessly to ensure their products are free-trade, cruelty-free, and made only with the highest-quality materials. They are passionate about working hand in hand with the artisans and love the interaction and community that develops when sharing knowledge and ideas.
Duplo Design