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Elhora Jewels
Meet The Artisans

Elhora Jewels

After an early career in Business & Innovation, Lamiae Skalli started to learn about jewelry making in Turkey and then in Fez, Morocco, studying metalsmithing with local master craftsmen. Lamiae was keen to break societal boundaries and disrupt labels, by going from a stable career in business to a creative, yet more uncertain one, as an artisan. Listening to her inner voice and having the courage to follow her instinct was hard, but her bravery definitely paid off.

In Arabic, elhora means “a pure and authentic woman”. Lamiae chose this name for her brand to reflect the fact that Elhora Jewels was born to disrupt the jewelry industry in Morocco, traditionally seen as male. Today, Lamiae uses centuries-old techniques to create modern pieces in silver .925 and 18k gold, thus breathing fresh life into the traditional understanding of what a beautiful piece of jewelry should look like, and at the same time redefining femininity.

From conceptualising to sketching and designing, until the magical phase of prototyping and production, Lamiae works tirelessly in her Tangier studio to develop new collections with a heart and soul, that allow women to embrace their feminine essence, while maintaining a unique look and remaining true to themselves.