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Eslyvera Studio
Meet The Artisans

Eslyvera Studio

Following her extensive studies in Furniture and Product design, Esly Vera immediately put her knowledge into practice and traveled throughout Mexico studying different artisanal processes. In 2016, she started working as Textile Coordinator for the NGO Impacto in San Cristóbal de Las Casas in Chiapas, where she was able to share knowledge with local artisans and their ancestral embroidery and weaving techniques.

In 2019, she branched out on her own and established her brand Esly Vera Studio, as aresult of the synergy built with the craftsmen and women she met in rural Mexico. Ranging from pedal- and waist-loom-woven textiles and high-temperature ceramics from Chiapas to white clay from Amatenango del Valle, all of Esly Vera’s products are a fusion of her aesthetic taste and the artisans’ ancestral know-how.

Each unique piece is the fruit of precious years of research and experimentation in the field. In rescuing these traditional and antique processes, Esly Vera is able to give each cushion, jar, and glass a new meaning and a novel contemporary form, creating luxury products that go back to the basics of manual work, support artisan communities, and value top-notch design equally.