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Meet The Artisans


This project is the natural result of a lifelong friendship between Annika Ussel and Kytzia Bourlon. The two childhood friends used to make jewelry together as children,  when they were and ever since then they've been inspiring each other to create beauty and harmony for others. Every single piece created by Espora artisans is a homage to the natural world and the kingdoms that inhabit it. The pieces are also inspired by Mexico’s rich and diverse landscapes and cultures.

Espora is a symbol of unity and resilience. Like a spore, pieces made by Espora travel far and wide to find their owners, carrying information, love and inspiration. All pieces are imbued with a special energy that is imprinted in the products during every stage of the creative process, from ideation, through manual elaboration, to packaging.

ESPORA’s mission is to strengthen the artisan’s bond with the environment and ability to learn from the natural world. Kytzia and Annika both hope that wearing their handcrafted pieces will remind the wearer of the virtues that each of them represents.