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Estudio Caribe
Meet The Artisans

Estudio Caribe


Cecilia and Rodolfo are partners in life and business, with an affinity for wood and a commitment to zero waste.

Cecilia is an interior designer from Yucatan, Mexico and Rodolfo a plastics artist from San Cristobal, Venezuela. Together they began working with wood scraps, launching Studio Caribe in Mexico City in 2015. Their line of wooden crafts is made of national woods including mango, walnut and primavera. For them, the most important principle of their creative process is to put all of the wood to use, without throwing anything away.

Each of their designs is created by hand using artisanal techniques that imbibe meaning, aesthetics and functionality with inspiration from nature, architecture and the culture of the Caribbean.

Based in Mexico City, today they have stores in San Cristobal, and Merida, Mexico.