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Estudio Materia
Meet The Artisans

Estudio Materia

ESTUDIO MATERIA is a project that arose from love for Mexican culture and the desire to promote the tradition of crafts from a design perspective.

Designers, friends and proudly Mexican, Shelly and Nahomi ventured to create a brand that allows Mexican crafts to be placed in modern, rustic and well-cared for spaces, thus opening the possibility for more people to find value in pieces made by hand in sustainable ways through traditional methods.

In addition to feeling passionate about the aesthetics, Shelly and Nahomi are excited to promote local businesses and help the economy of the families and people behind each of the pieces sold.

They hope that these beautiful crafts full of culture and tradition will find their way around the world and through this, manual work and the perfect imperfection that it offers will be valued even more.