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Estudio Pomelo
Meet The Artisans

Estudio Pomelo


Created by architect Agustín Elizalde Urzúa, Estudio Pomelo has organically developed through the years as a place to experiment with the production of objects that are relevant to modern-day life and functionally simple—without conceptual, formal, or technological frills. These objects can be used seamlessly in urban environments, giving them a touch of warmth and standing the test of time.

At Estudio Pomelo designers and artisans work very closely to explore the endless possibilities of traditional techniques, in order to bring ancestral languages into the present. They seek to innovate in connecting their ancient origins to contemporary objects, thus keeping traditional techniques alive and fresh while preserving local identities. Their products are wholly handmade and feature imperfections that, far from being errors of production, are instead seen as an essential part of the beauty of an object.

The tight-knit team of designers and architects is led by Agustín, but very much work collaboratively amongst themselves, as well as with artisans dotted around the states of Jalisco, Michoacán, and Oaxaca.