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Meet The Artisans


Alejandra Llano launched her jewelry brand Fenomena in 2012, to create timeless pieces that seamlessly blend modern design and classical traditions, exemplified in the ever-present Colombian emeralds in each of her pieces.

While Alejandra is still in charge of designing each piece herself, she collaborates with master artisans for her production, highlighting the beauty of this typical Colombian stone in all of its states, from rough rustic cuts to pristine fine-jewelry pieces.

Wanting to incorporate a piece of her home and soul into her designs, Alejandra started working with emeralds in 2015 and always focuses on ethical sourcing, quality control, and traceability, making sure the process is sustainable and fair. Today, emeralds (mainly in their rough state called morralla) are an essential part of Fenomena’s DNA.

The stone is hand-crafted by expert Colombian artisans with varied ancestral techniques that adapt to the different properties of the stone, bringing out an authentic, modern jewel where the beauty of the emerald is front and center of the overall composition.