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Formas Habitat Creativo
Meet The Artisans

Formas Habitat Creativo

Mastermind of Formas Habitat Creativo, Claudia Bogarín’s passion is all things clay and creative. An architect graduate from the ITESO University of Guadalajara, Mexico, she had an innate interest in the expression that different shapes can represent from buildings and textiles to furniture and paintings.

Exploration in these areas led to her passion for ceramics to which she applies a variety of materials such as vinyl paint, gold leaf, and wax. Today, her work revolves around the environment, sounds, emotions, and art, which manifest themselves in the form of beautiful lamps, vases, and pots that indulge the eye in a feast of sensory experiences.

Claudia’s work combines this artisanal process with a contemporary style and her close relationship with craftsmen allows for a deeper knowledge of ancestral techniques to influence the work and give it a fresh perspective.

Originally from Michoacan, Claudia started the company collaborating with artisans from Tonalá. Each piece is fired in a wooden kiln after it dries, before Claudia paints the pieces individually in a specific style.