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Gardenia Home Decor
Meet The Artisans

Gardenia Home Decor

Gardenia Home Décor was born from the passion and fascination for table details and the desire to share with family and friends unique spaces around the table. The founders of the brand, mother and daughter duo Paula García and Blanca Gutiérrez, focus on the quality and exclusivity of the products, delivering a unique experience full of colors and diversity in design, which is heavily influenced by the Colombian fauna and flora and will give warmth to any occasion.

Based in Bogotá, Colombia, Paula, graphic designer, and Blanca, business administrator, are passionate about design and the creation of new styles, mixing local design staples with a modern and elegant approach. For them, setting the table goes beyond planning each guest’s place, it is one of the most important moments in the day to tell stories and get closer, to share and be together as a family.

Gardenia Home Décor follows in detail each of the processes for the elaboration of its products, working closely with their artisans and magnificent workmanship, with a particular attention to quality in materials, choice of unique prints, tailoring, and packaging.