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Glossar Studio
Meet The Artisans

Glossar Studio


Sisters Leti and Ana Paola always felt passionate about Mexican heritage, culture, and traditions. Marrying Leti’s expertise in architecture and Ana Paola’s business background, they started their brand Glossar Studio in Mexico City, to create home decor that would preserve ancestral techniques while incorporating contemporary design.

Inspired by her studies in architecture, one day Leti started sketching and designing objects to showcase her love for all things creative. On the other hand, Ana Paola brought her background and focus in business to the table, making the sister’s duo perfectly complementary. Glossar Studio was born.

In collaboration with dedicated artisans from Sierra de Guerrero and elsewhere around Mexico, they create pieces with the aim of reviving and transmitting the value of Mexican artisanal work, exalting its beauty, promoting local manufacturing, and encouraging fair trade.

Each piece is 100% handmade with raw materials and a mindful process that goes from the selection of materials to meticulous production, through design and prototyping, always in collaboration with master artisans.