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Hacer Común
Meet The Artisans

Hacer Común

Designer Eduardo Barrita founded Hacer Común in his native community of Zimatlán, Oaxaca, as an inclusive design center and social impact project that links talented craftsmen with conscious customers, through the creation of objects of daily use that revive Mexico’s indigenous artisanal traditions.

Eduardo believes in the power of beautiful design as a tool for social transformation and strives to work collaboratively with his local community to use their ancestral artisanal knowledge as a means to improve their lives and build a sustainable and positive future.

After completing his studies in Industrial and Product Design, Eduardo had the opportunity to work and train abroad, taking part in the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative, a US Department of State’s entrepreneurship and business leadership program for emerging leaders of Latin America.

This contributed to shaping his vision for a brand, Hacer Común, to foster the redevelopment of artisanal crafts in his native community in Oaxaca, providing opportunities to local artisans young and old to explore their traditions, techniques, and creativity in spite of challenging socio-economic conditions.

Eduardo designs Hacer Común’s products in collaboration with the artisans, who then produce beautiful objects of everyday use with materials such as wood, copper, and palm, always paying special attention to the minute details and exhibiting in each piece a profound love for the crafting process itself.

Each product made by Hacer Común is another opportunity for artisans in Zimatlán to be masters in their trade and leaders of their professions, while empowering the younger ones to carry on the tradition into the future.
Hacer Común