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Meet The Artisans



The brainchild of Paulina Rodriguez, HOLBA came into being in Guadalajara, Jalisco by passionate designers who wanted to piece together their love of design and natural materials. Through their work and creation of products made from 100% Parota wood they want to express their dream and introduce it to the world.


HOLBA believes that Mother Earth has already given us the right materials that are perfectly designed by the universe. These materials give us everything we need: functionality, beauty, endurance, and at the end of their lifecycle, they can unite again with Mother Earth. With their team of carpenters HOLBA’s choice of main material was decided as Parota wood due to its versatility. In addition to being resistant to humidity, different temperatures, and low porosity, it is also one of the most beautiful woods due to the different tones in its veins, ranging from dark to light brown, and light yellow rind.


HOLBA’s raw materials are 100% mexican and therefore its products use indigenous Mexican names such as “Améli” which means “water spring” in Náhuatl, “Kante” which is Mayan for “tree,’ and most importantly “Tlati” which is Náhuatl for “Mother Earth”.