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IDYR Design
Meet The Artisans

IDYR Design

IDYR is a sustainable and ethical handmade accessories brand made in Morocco. Fusing traditional technique with modern fashion, the brand produces a range of leather goods and accessories that combine hand-woven scraps of fabric sourced in garment factories in Casablanca.

The company was founded by two young social entrepreneurs, Amal Kenzari and Fadwa Moussaif. The two met while participating in the “Boucharouette Eco-Creation” project which aims to empower women artisans, both socially and economically, and provides them with a framework that is respectful of their culture and way of life. After visiting and meeting with women in more than 20 villages in Casa-Mohammedia, where female talents have mastered the famous Boucharouite technique, the project finally took shape.

The brand’s mission is to revive and honor the art of Boucherouite- a traditional artisanal technique that has long been practiced by Amazigh women in the villages of the Atlas Mountains – and is devoted to both promoting an ethical, sustainable, and eco-friendly craftsmanship, as well as providing a dignified source of income for the community of women artisans who are the masterminds behind these exquisite and soulful creations.

Today, IDYR’s team consists of two head designers and an Atelier of eleven women artisans run by Khalti Milouda who trains each one of them as they hand-weave and knot their designs with manual spinning and traditional looms. And, one brave man, Youssef, a skilled and experienced leather craftsman who assembles all the pieces together.

IDYR, which means 'life' in the Amazigh language, symbolizes the desire to perpetuate the art of Boucharouit. But above all, the desire to leave a lasting positive impact on people's lives.