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Ila Ceramica
Meet The Artisans

Ila Ceramica

Ila Ceramica emerged from a process of inner inquiry where ceramics became a space for presence, silence, touch and patience. Founded by Camila Apaez, the brand seeks to promote contemplation and stillness in everyday life through its designs as each piece represents the meeting point between poetry, nature and corporeal silhouettes.

 The first manual collection, Voids and Delays, was launched in 2019 and soon gave rise to the Permanent Collection; a series of fourteen silhouettes inspired by movement, bodily landscapes and lost time. These series are complemented by the One of a Kind collection, exploring the tension between sculptural and function concerns. In each collection, the conversations between the pottery wheel and handcrafted construction derive into utilitarian and sculptural pieces.

Camila continues to collaborate in experimental artisan projects that, though separate from Ila’s main collections, are also embraced by the brand.