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Itri Designs
Meet The Artisans

Itri Designs

Itri Design was founded by Imane Laghmari, a young Moroccan artist, graduated in Styling and Fashion Accessories from both the Instituto Marangoni in Milan and the Atelier Chardon Savard in Paris.
Her inspiration comes from Imane’s passion for minerals and interior design, combined in a unique concept: a juxtaposition of raw semi-crystals and terracotta. Imane’s Itri Design is born out of her late mother’s own brand “Itri Cristal”, wanting to continue her legacy and paying tribute to her passion for bohemian crystals and precious stones.
“Itri” which in Amazigh means star, represents a special symbol for Imane, who wants to perpetuate her mother’s creativity, love for design, and belief in the therapeutic powers of minerals. The vases are designed and manufactured in Morocco by expert artisans, while all crystals are sourced in the striking, picturesque, and magical settings of the High and Middle Atlas Mountains.

Sensitive to lithotherapy and therapeutic alternative medicine, Imane combined aesthetics and mysticism. Each piece is special, due to its visual identity and its healing powers, it will illuminate your physical and psychic interior, inducing deep relaxation and promoting a sense of balance and harmony in everyday life.