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Meet The Artisans


Trained as an architect, Lina Maria Olmos has always had an interest in discovering, reinterpreting and repurposing materials. In 2019 she merged this curiosity and creative passion to found Kret.

Kret set out to cross over the barriers and elevate a material whose use is understood as if it were only for construction: concrete. However, the versatility of concrete allows for the creation of innovative pieces that, because of their composition, achieve unimaginable shapes and uses. These new design pieces mix their strength and durability along with a unique and simple beauty that only concrete manages to generate.

A one-woman show, Kret is Lina’s big undertaking, from the design to the production and the management of the brand, she is a dedicated artisan giving life to her products. Each creation goes through a manual process filled with passion and affection for the craft. From the design, making of the mold, the mixture, and the drying, to the finish - the fun and heartfelt dedication applied during all these processes can definitely be seen in the result: beautiful pieces of art.