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La Cosita Chula
Meet The Artisans

La Cosita Chula

Originally started by Alfredo Fonseca as a family business, La Cosita Chula has expanded into working with over 100 artisans across the states of Michoacán, Chiapas, Puebla and Tlaxcala, to bring the very best of Mexican crafts to the world.

Their work embodies Alfredo’s renewed love for Mexico’s artisanal crafts, after his godfather complained to him that he would be the last one in his family to devote himself to the craft of red pottery. Alfredo leveraged his previous business experience to take over his godfather’s workshop and improve production processes. He soon realized he could be doing this for other artisans’ families too, and started expanding in 2015.

Each of La Cosita Chula’s products is the result of a highly collaborative process between artisans and designers, inspired by the very flavors, colors, people and stories local to the makers’ communities. By buying their work you do not only enrich your home with a beautifully handcrafted item, but you are also able to make a direct social and economic impact in the lives of the artisan who made it.

Working strictly to fair trade practices, La Cosita Chula gives artisans the chance to continue exercising in a dignified way the trades they’ve passed down for generations, while preserving heritage and generating a positive domino effect throughout the community.