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Meet The Artisans


Nicole Guindi and Natalia Jaramillo created their brand to bring back the classic elegance and cult of a well-set table enjoyed by previous generations. At the same time, she wanted to make sure the design and palettes stayed appealing to the younger generations too, adding a touch of joy and playfulness that would bring the products firmly in a modern context.

Nicole & Natalia created LIN to merge these two complementary attitudes, dedicating herself to designing and creating beautiful products that can be ideal as gifts for any occasion - from a housewarming to a wedding.

Standing out for their neat but quirky designs, the LIN household range of products includes napkins, breadbaskets, drinks mats, and towels, each featuring an embroidered image inspired by the bountiful Colombian nature, such as tropical birds, fish, and corals.

The designs are woven exclusively by LIN’s team of women artisans, which allows them a high degree of economical emancipation and empowerment. Filled with Colombian love and joy, each piece is infused with the delight its creator experienced in producing it and the power of decidedly Colombian aesthetics.