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Luis Zarat
Meet The Artisans

Luis Zarat

During his studies Industrial Designer Luis Zarat worked with various materials, but it was clay that allowed him to express his ideas with total freedom and sparked his passion for the extraordinary world of ceramics.

Zarat’s great love for his native Mexico and the wonderful natural and cultural diversity of the country were paramount to the creation of his brand Luis Zarat. The brand seeks to design and create surprising objects that beautify the space that they are placed in while bringing a touch of Mexican flair.

Luis is a creator in constant experimentation and he expresses a large part of his personality, tastes, and experiences in his work. This results in completely unique pieces of decoration that range from plant pots to candle holders, made in often playful and surprising shapes and colors.

Each of his collections have a strong significance behind them, such as his Image & Likeness plant pots featuring ears and noses. These pots comment on body image and body positivity, which link to Mexico’s changing landscape in modernising aesthetics. Modeled by hand and molded at low temperatures, these delicate pieces will add meaning and elegance to your living room.