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Luisa Soto Joyeria
Meet The Artisans

Luisa Soto Joyeria

Luisa Soto discovered the world of jewelry making in 2009 when she became a mother. Wanting to spend as much time as possible with her children, she decided to drastically change career paths. Leaving the corporate ladder, she started a course in jewelry design, opened up her own workshop, and founded Luisa Soto Joyeria as a way of keeping her family united, involving all her family members in various aspects of the business.

All her life, Luisa has had an affinity for manual work, until she was able to find her own creative identity in jewelry making. Her ideas and inspirations are seamlessly transmuted to metal, which consequently is transformed into gorgeous pieces of jewelry. The technical challenges that inevitably present themselves while creating new pieces have allowed Luisa to grow and explore new alternatives, resulting in unique and innovative creations.

Luisa Soto Joyeria’s pieces have a decidedly contemporary design that’s inspired by moving geometric figures, everyday life, and the beauty of nature, transformed into metal through various innovative techniques. All pieces are made from recycled and purified 950 silver or bronze with gold plating, colorful patinas, and raw materials such as pearls.