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Meet The Artisans


Luun Ceramics was founded in 2021 by Rabat-based creative sibling duo, Lina and Ghita Khaoulani.

Lina, who has been engaged in drawing and design her whole life, is currently studying for her PhD. in Corporate Finance, and Ghita, an Architect, embarked on a quest to join their talents using both art and craftsmanship. They began by fusing their passion for drawing and painting into their creations. Laughter, mistakes, do-overs, excitement, tolerance, and a hefty helping of sweat, are the main ingredients that go into each handmade creation in the  Luun Ceramics workshop.

The name Luun is derived from the Arabic word " لون ", which means "color." A reflection of Luun’s appreciation for colors, and their thematic importance in influencing our emotions and moods. Lina and Ghita stray from the expected color schemes and add playful touches to their pieces, which alternate between brightly colored and even toned.

Luun’s artisans give free rein to their ability to fuse influences and techniques in creating each new piece, by manufacturing in small batches. Luun’s pieces highlight the little things that make up our daily lives. The pieces are 100% handmade and hand painted, making imperfections a part of the brand’s trademark characteristics.