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Maca Textiles
Meet The Artisans

Maca Textiles

30-year old interior designer Karla de la Cerda always had a passion for textile design, and a happy Christmas accident is what brought her to start her brand, Maca Textiles. She made the first blanket as a present for a friend, and to her surprise she was commissioned more.

Since the beginning, Karla has been collaborating with Master Diego, a 76-year-old man who has worked in the textile industry for 50 years with his whole family. Diego loves to thread and weave the cotton, pouring his soul, thoughts, and feelings into each masterful movement of the foot on his wooden pedal loom.

Karla then works on the embroidery finishings and adds the tassels and pompoms in her studio in Mexico City. Working with her hands is almost like meditation, and both Diego’s love and Karla’s passion for textile design is clear in Maca Textiles’ collection of blankets and cushion covers.

Started as a personal passion project, Maca embodies the ethos of beautifully imperfect handmade crafts, from the local dialect maca, “small imperfection”. Thanks to Diego’s masterful work and Karla’s entrepreneurial spirit, Maca Textiles brings you beautiful, high-quality textile that will add peace, calm and relaxation to any space.